Saint Judas

from by Drawback



I want to see your eyes in the morning light
because it's easy to hide in the darkness of night

Your words are spinning like a record
the needle is skipping I've heard this song forever
Speaking in tongues I'm painting your condition
shallow portraits with a menial vision

I'm telling the truth
I swear that I'm fine
cross my heart
and hope to die
it's a stab in the back
from the sharpest of knives
break my bones
and snap my spine

There's no bridge between us left to burn
losing trust you haven't earned
aimless deeds, you're a walking enigma
with a shameful life, riddled with stigma

My feet are sinking into the ground
what was lost can now be found
shine your light burn away the clouds
what was lost can now be found


from To Live Honestly, released July 19, 2014



all rights reserved



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