Golden Leaves

from by Drawback



Coming full circle, this is where we belong
running the same paths that we did when we were young
but I melted the bronze and smashed the stone
where you fell in love, where you built your home

These are golden leaves
stained with mediocrity
until a chilling wind
blew and set them free
whistling through the trees
go ahead and sing me to sleep
and I'lll pray for the day
when we have god at our feet

Your eyes shine with mercy you sing like a dove
reciting words you learned from above
but you don't know nothing, no, nothing at all
about the whispering wind, or the trees in the fall
I could just sit here for hours and speak
of all the times I felt too weak
to swallow the truth, to live honestly
what does that mean for me


from To Live Honestly, released July 19, 2014



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