To Live Honestly

by Drawback

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released July 19, 2014

Tim Holmes - Guitars, Vocals
Matt Cole - Guitars, Vocals
Colin McAleer - Bass Guitar
Noah Weingand - Drums

Recorded during an 18 hour session, on July 7th, at Clay Garden in Norfolk, Virginia.

Produced and Mixed by Jacki Paolella of TAPTAP Recordings.

Mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth.

Thanks to Jonathan, Kyle, and Chris for letting us borrow equipment in order for this to sound as good as possible.



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Tim / Matt / Colin / Noah

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Track Name: Saint Judas
I want to see your eyes in the morning light
because it's easy to hide in the darkness of night

Your words are spinning like a record
the needle is skipping I've heard this song forever
Speaking in tongues I'm painting your condition
shallow portraits with a menial vision

I'm telling the truth
I swear that I'm fine
cross my heart
and hope to die
it's a stab in the back
from the sharpest of knives
break my bones
and snap my spine

There's no bridge between us left to burn
losing trust you haven't earned
aimless deeds, you're a walking enigma
with a shameful life, riddled with stigma

My feet are sinking into the ground
what was lost can now be found
shine your light burn away the clouds
what was lost can now be found
Track Name: Laid To Rest
I felt the wind you blew in on
it chilled my bones
I heard the sound you've been making
it shook my soul

I've been looking through my telescope
to figure out who you are
all it took was different point of view
to see the worst in you

I don't want to see
what could have been mine
what will I find
in the wasted time

You're the empty vase that I threw against the wall
shards of glass, I watched them fall
and I cut my hand while I was cleaning up the mess
one thousand days laid to rest

You can dance with whoever you'd like
but I won't sell myself so easily
there's a songbird up in the trees
I love the way she sings to me
Track Name: Golden Leaves
Coming full circle, this is where we belong
running the same paths that we did when we were young
but I melted the bronze and smashed the stone
where you fell in love, where you built your home

These are golden leaves
stained with mediocrity
until a chilling wind
blew and set them free
whistling through the trees
go ahead and sing me to sleep
and I'lll pray for the day
when we have god at our feet

Your eyes shine with mercy you sing like a dove
reciting words you learned from above
but you don't know nothing, no, nothing at all
about the whispering wind, or the trees in the fall
I could just sit here for hours and speak
of all the times I felt too weak
to swallow the truth, to live honestly
what does that mean for me
Track Name: Rain
The hum of the machines
in the hospital
mixed with silent screams
was that with you or was that me

Can I pray your pain away
can I cling to you rosary
for who's sins do you try us
oh why does it rain on the righteous

On the eve of your fall
I had breakfast with your sister
she's a sweet old woman
but she likes her coffee bitter

Can I pray your pain away